Make change happen with our digital mentoring solution for corporates.

Changing the world can feel overwhelming if you're starting out on your own. That’s why you need human connections and support to make change happen. We believe that every change is built from sharing knowledge and exchanging perspectives.

Our digital mentoring solutions create a strong and close-knit corporate culture in which knowledge sharing becomes natural. Employees are enabled to boost someone else's professional career and initiate change - both within and outside of their organization.

Who participates in creating a change?

Our digital mentoring solution is used by over 100 market-leading organizations.
Participants are located in over 20 countries and are of 40+ nationalities.

Our mentors

Employees from corporate partners that strive to exchange perspectives, develop skills and feel more engaged.

Our mentees

Individuals who are in need of support in their professional journey and who want to build meaningful connections.

Our clients

Companies searching for a global HR or Corporate Social Responsibility solutions to enhance employee engagement.

our full service to facilitate change

We strongly believe in a combination of software, content, as well as service in order to implement digital mentoring successfully in your organization. Our solution enables all participants to engage in a highly structured and goal-oriented manner therefore maximizing commitment and learning outcomes.


Our software provides the ideal infrastructure for a highly interactive, collaborative learning experience.


Our content library provides a rich variety of professional training modules for mentors and mentees to choose from.


Our service portfolio encompasses a range of services including mentor and mentee recruitment, daily help-desk management and evaluation reporting.