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How employee development succeeds
in the era of remote work
Especially in times of mobile working, digital mentoring is the ideal way to connect and develop employees worldwide. Volunteer Vision combines a mentoring software with customizable e-learning content and comprehensive services to complement your diversity, equity & inclusion or talent strategy.
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You choose the content that is relevant to your employees and your goals

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Support Parents in
Home Office
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Combining a job, childcare and other commitments is a particular challenge for parents at the moment. It is therefore all the more important to recognize these pressures and to be able to offer tailored solutions. Our e-learning sessions offer comprehensive content on topics such as:

  • Resilience in the Workplace: Learning methods and strategies: how to optimize your resilience?
  • Successful Communication: Verbal and non-verbal communication based on case studies.
  • Motivation and Organization: Establishing work structures and sources of motivation. What can be done against procrastination?
  • Conflict Discussions: Practicing argumentation strategies with the help of illustrative video material.
  • Optional Additional Sessions: Working hours models/child care

Each session is designed to last for about one hour and is conducted entirely online through our browser-based platform. All content is available in English and German.

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Remote Leadership
for Women
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Studies show that women are more likely than men to report that their professional lives are affected by the pandemic. In our mentoring program, women with leadership roles or ambitions are connected with experienced employees from their organization to learn together. Possible topics include:

  • Leadership: Discussion of leadership styles as well as formulating the idea of one's own leadership style.
  • Working in Teams: What are the characteristics of high-performing teams? How do you motivate yourself and others? What constitutes good delegation and feedback?
  • Meetings: What to consider in digital meetings: before, during and after the meeting.
  • Successful Communication: Verbal and non-verbal communication based on case studies.
  • Conflict Discussions: Practicing argumentation strategies with the help of illustrative video material.

Each session is designed to last for about one hour and is conducted entirely online through our browser-based platform. All content is available in English and German.

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Diversify the
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In addition to all the challenges the pandemic brings, it can also present an opportunity for more inclusive recruiting: Job interviews are shifting to the digital space, and remote working is experiencing an increasing uptake. Organizations can actively use this time to fill their talent pipeline with diverse talent. External talent can be qualified and prepared for employment with the following topics, among others:

  • Recognize Potential: Define personality, strengths and talents, and create a personal profile.
  • Job Goals: Formulate job ideas, discuss vision, and goals.
  • CV: How to create the perfect CV for your organization/sector.
  • Cover Letter: Suggestions for formulating a convincing cover letter.
  • Interview Preparation: Discussion of important interview elements as well as going through a mock interview.
  • Digital Applications: What to pay special attention to in the age of online job search and digital networking.

Each session is designed to last for about one hour and is conducted entirely online through our browser-based platform. All content is available in English and German.

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You can flexibly adapt our mentoring program to your needs and thus support exactly the target group that is important to you. For this purpose, we offer various levels of individualization:

  • Your Own Learning Track: From our more than 60 mentoring modules, you can put together your very own learning track for your employees, depending on which topics and skills are in focus for you.
  • Customization and New Content: Our existing materials can be customized to meet your goals - from adding individual materials to setting up completely new sessions or programs, anything is possible.
  • Digitalization of Your Own Content: You already have your own content that you want to make available to a larger number of employees in a digital mentoring program. We support you in preparing and adapting your content and develop suitable mentoring sessions from it.
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how it works

From training to matching and to the first mentoring session - this is how you get started with us

Short videos will familiarize your employees with our platform.

Our matching algorithm connects Mentors and Mentees.

The virtual classroom combines video chat and e-learning materials.

In the Manager Account you always keep track of user activities.


Our matching algorithm connects mentors and mentees based on their professional and personal profile information. Corporate clients can also add customized criteria and align them with their business goals. If the participants are ever not satisfied with their match, our 24/7 help desk will assist with a new matching.


After your employees have registered on the Volunteer Vision platform, they will receive all information they need for their mentorship. In our Training Center, they learn more about mentoring methods, how to use our software, as well as our e-learning content in short videos and are sensitized to diversity and inclusion in practice. Afterwards, both mentors and mentees are ready for their first session – no previous experience necessary.

Virtual Classroom

The core of our software is our digital classroom, where mentor and mentee are connected via video chat. Integrated mentor scripts, videos, audio files, test questions, and case studies are available in each session to support their learning journey. Whiteboard, translation tools, upload capabilities and other features enable interactive and needs-oriented collaboration.


Via the manager account, our clients always have an overview of their employees’ progress. Besides basic information about the registered profiles, mentoring hours, and completed modules, they can also view user satisfaction as well as mentorship testimonials at a glance.

our Services

What makes us so special? Our extensive additional services minimize internal efforts – and maximize the mentoring success

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Identifying suitable employees for a mentorship can be time-consuming - we help you with this: We create individual documents with suitable call-to-actions for your company, which you can distribute on the intranet or in the company newsletter, for example. If you work in the field of CSR and are interested in mentorships with external mentees, we also refer interested participants from our partner NGOs.

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Impact Studies
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In order to make the effectiveness of the mentoring visible, we ask for feedback regularly. After completion of the mentoring, we conduct a scientifically based impact study with all mentors and mentees to measure effects such as employee retention, development, and other KPIs.

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Multilingual Helpdesk
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Our service team guarantees close user support via e-mail and telephone: Inquiries from mentors and mentees are coordinated via a ticket system and answered within 24hours. A multilingual 24/7 call center also ensures that customers in different time zones and languages can be helped quickly.

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Benefits of digital mentoring

Online mentoring is not just good for the mentor and mentee – but for the whole organization


higher rate of promotion for minority employees*


higher retention rate for mentees and 69% for mentors – compared to 49% for non-participating employees**

5 times

higher probability of receiving a salary increase

*Source: Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations
**Source: Forbes Magazine

Use cases & Testimonials

What our partners and users are saying about digital mentoring by Volunteer Vision

“Because of the online mentoring program, in the UK we saw an 8% increase in retention amongst the mentee group. They were expanding their roles and looking for their next career move within the company instead of leaving our organization, which is exactly what we wanted. In addition, 82% of participants reported positive effects of the program on gender balance.”
Karen Thomson,
Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Fujitsu UK
Picture of Alexander Gallas
“Volunteer Vision enables mentoring from anywhere: Colleagues from over 11 country entities participate in the program as online mentors, with each mentoring relationship beginning with online training and ending with great impact reports. The results: 63% of mentors reported higher job satisfaction and 70% of mentees learned valuable soft skills.”
Alexander Gallas,
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Deutsche Bank AG
Picture of Mareike Müller
“It was through the effects of Corona that I became more aware of the importance of social commitment of individuals. Through the possibility of online mentoring, I have found a solution for myself that is suitable for everyday use in order to drive inclusion forward even in small ways.”
Mareike Müller,
Assistant Manager at KPMG

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