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How digital mentoring
can help reach your ESG goals
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Companies today face pressure to fulfill ESG and SDG criteria, and impact investors and stakeholders additionally take an interest in your social engagement. Through our online mentoring platform we help companies build a diverse and inclusive workforce which positively impacts ESG and SDG diversity criteria.
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The right solution for every challenge

Our online mentoring software promotes collaborative learning and enables the development of diverse talents -
both inside and outside of your company.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social engagement can have a major impact on our society. In the corporate volunteering sector, our focus lies on creating equal opportunities in career development. With our social mentoring formats, companies support disadvantaged youth and young adults who are looking to enter the labour market. But online mentoring does not only supports mentees - mentors also benefit: They develop their social skills and measurably identify more strongly with their company. With us, companies can support beneficiaries in these stages of their professional development:

Educational Success
Job Orientation
Application Training
Job Preparation
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Digital mentoring is the ideal way to promote a diverse and inclusive company culture. Here, mentoring can both contribute to increasing the diversity of your company by targeting specific diversity groups or contribute to the topic of holistic inclusion by engaging your entire workforce and raising awareness of DE&I issues. Either way we help you to promote diversity and inclusivity in an impactful and measurable way. Possible fields of applications are for example:

Onboarding Support
Professional Development
Leadership Development
Transition Support
Employee Wellbeing
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our Services

What makes us so special? Our extensive additional services minimize internal efforts – and maximize the mentoring success

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Administrative Support

We help with the technical implementation, introduce you to our tool in client workshops, and ensure through regular review meetings that our online mentoring programs bring you closer to your goals. We also take care of preparing users for their mentorship: In our training center, they learn more about mentoring methods as well as how to use our software and our e-learning content in short videos.

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Impact Studies

In order to make the effectiveness of the mentoring visible, we ask for feedback regularly. After completion of the mentoring, we conduct a scientifically based impact study with all mentors and mentees to measure effects such as employee retention, development, and other KPIs.

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Multilingual Helpdesk

Our service team guarantees close user support via e-mail and telephone: Inquiries from mentors and mentees are coordinated via a ticket system and answered within 24hours. A multilingual 24/7 call center also ensures that customers in different time zones and languages can be helped quickly.

how it works

From training to matching and to the first mentoring session - this is how you get started with us

Short videos familiarize users with our platform.

Our matching algorithm connects Mentors and Mentees.

The virtual classroom combines video chat and e-learning materials.

In the Manager Account you always keep track of user activities.

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Our matching algorithm connects mentors and mentees based on their professional and personal profile information. Corporate clients can also add customized criteria and align them with their business goals. If the participants are ever not satisfied with their match, our 24/7 help desk will assist with a new matching.


After your employees have registered on the Volunteer Vision platform, they will receive all information they need for their mentorship. In our Training Center, they learn more about mentoring methods, how to use our software, as well as our e-learning content in short videos and are sensitized to diversity and inclusion in practice. Afterwards, both mentors and mentees are ready for their first session – no previous experience necessary.

Virtual Classroom

The core of our software is our digital classroom, where mentor and mentee are connected via video chat. Integrated mentor scripts, videos, audio files, test questions, and case studies are available in each session to support their learning journey. Whiteboard, translation tools, upload capabilities and other features enable interactive and needs-oriented collaboration.


Via the manager account, our clients always have an overview of their employees’ progress. Besides basic information about the registered profiles, mentoring hours, and completed modules, they can also view user satisfaction as well as mentorship testimonials at a glance.

“Because of the online mentoring program, in the UK we saw an 8% increase in retention amongst the mentee group. They were expanding their roles and looking for their next career move within the company instead of leaving our organization, which is exactly what we wanted. In addition, 82% of participants reported positive effects of the program on gender balance.”
Karen Thomson,
Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Fujitsu UK