Connecting individuals

Digital one-on-one mentoring provided by employees to individuals looking for a professional start. Our matching algorithm ensures that mentees and mentors are matched based on shared personality traits and goals.

Sharing knowledge

Our programs are designed to follow state-of-the-art mentoring techniques and scientifically proven e-learning material. Mentees and mentors meet regularly in digital conference rooms and are connected via video chat.

Creating mutual value

Mentees are able to work on their professional goals while employees gain new perspectives and contribute positively to society. Participating companies offer employees modern corporate volunteering opportunities.

Our pilot program eStart: online language mentoring by employees for participants in integration courses. 

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Voices about Volunteer Vision

“The special thing about Volunteer Vision is that it’s happening online. It’s so personal and individual but at the same time leaving enough space for reducing initial inhibitions – making talking to a new person happen more naturally.”
Carla Caggiano, Teacher Language Course
“A special moment during the program was when I realized the level of engagement, joy, and curiosity coming from all participants.”
Uwe Wütherich, Mentor in the Pilotprogram
“I applaud the work that Volunteer Vision is doing helping companies unleash the talent and potential of their employees for social good”
Mark Cheng, CEO Chelwood Capital and Senior European Director, ASHOKA
“My personal highlight during the program was when my mentee told me that he passed the test for participating in a next level language course.”
Sabine, Mentor in the Pilotprogram