For us at Pfizer, we consider continued education to be a priority. The ability to develop meaningful digital relationships is becoming more and more important. We believe that engagement with eLearning materials from Volunteer Vision strengthens digital skills and makes them more intuitive over time. You can see the necessity and the impact of digital skills in everyday life; digitalization offers many new opportunities for learning and growth. Engaging our employees in digital mentoring programs allows them to fine-tune and develop their own skills while helping others at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds!


At Kienbaum many of our employees have to travel regularly – something very typical for business consultants. Because of the extensive travel required, it’s very difficult for our employees to commit to regular, in-person appointments or mentoring opportunities. A digital program is the perfect solution for this problem. The beauty of a digital platform is that our employees can participate from their hotel rooms, lobbies or a home office. Kienbaum employees can act as mentors wherever they go! In this way, our employees aren’t just taking their mentees on an educational journey, but also on a bit of a life journey as well. Both parties get to learn new skills along the way.

Deutsche Bank

Working with Volunteer Vision has made a world of difference for our employee engagement programs. In a company as large as Deutsche Bank, it can be difficult to find and manage programs which can be used effectively by all of our employees. Volunteer Vision’s digital format allows us to efficiently scale up our activities and engage more employees in digital mentoring. For those of us responsible for monitoring CSR programs, Volunteer Vision’s digital format is also ideal because it allows us to easily measure the social and business impact of our employee’s engagement. Not only does Volunteer Vision provide us with the tools to monitor our employee’s progress during their digital mentorships, but they also systematically track mentor and mentee satisfaction. The entire service package is great for large firms who want to scale up their impact. We are able to reach further and create more social good than ever before.


As a global law firm, we wanted to find an internationally mind approach to involve our employees in corporate volunteering with a format that allows our employees to drive social impact despite busy travel and work schedules. With the help of Volunteer Vision, our employees now not only mentor someone in need, but they also build better relationships with one another and share a common experience despite being thousands of miles apart. We are very excited about the scale we have reached since start – we now have employees from already 10 different countries across Freshfields currently participating in digital mentoring.