We are thrilled to welcome Moneshia zu Eltz as our new CEO. Find out why she will maximize our impact!

Volunteer Vision
July 18, 2019

We are pleased to announce Moneshia zu Eltz as part of the team joining Volunteer Vision, a software as a service “growth” startup focused on corporate mentoring solutions. Volunteer Vision’s mission is to connect people in building sustainable, inclusive and diverse organizations and cultures.

HumanCentric approach Business Growth

Moneshia zu Eltz joins Volunteer Vision with 25 years of corporate experience from Monitor/Deloitte, IBM and Philips.

“Moneshia’s corporate leadership background, and experience with inclusion and diversity as it is lived “day to day” in business with co-workers, clients, partners and external networks speaks to the core of our value propositions.” Says co-Founder Dr. Suska Dreesbach-Bundy who will be going on maternity leave later this summer.

In addition to executing 60 company strategic transactions and acquisition integrations in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, software and services, she has also been active in CSR with IBM Corporate Service Corp, the Philips Foundation-Ashoka Partnership and as a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation, Ethical Business for a Better Future and INSEAD business school.

“Moneshia’s focus on culture and change as a force for creating business value, plus as a role model for women and women of color in business, is one of the reasons she makes a natural choice for us.” Continues co-Founder Julia Winkler.

Moneshia has an MBA from Wharton/University of Pennsylvania and studied Comparative Literature and Economics at Smith, an all-women's College.

Mentoring as a Key Ingredient in the Future of Work

When asked "Why Volunteer Vision?", Moneshia shared:

“Personally, as a corporate leader and employee, when I came across Volunteer Vision, I found myself wishing I had had the opportunity to participate in a Volunteer Vision mentoring program during my career, or to sponsor it as a business leader.

I believe for mentors, Volunteer Vision increases participants' capacity for collaboration. At the same time, it also provides measures for corporate boards to track Diversity & Inclusion progress.

Also compelling is that while $8Bn has been spent on one-time traditional Diversity & Inclusion training with mixed results, on-going mentoring has been proven to be the best way to reduce our pre-judgements and to encourage others to reach their greatest potential. Read more here.

It is important for my work in business to have a social impact. The Volunteer Vision mentoring platform is a true example of “tech for good” by connecting people in meaningful ways. The team also embodies ‘the spirit of service’- not only in their name and in what they do, but in HOW they do it.”