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We are a software company providing
digital mentoring solutions to maximize
collaborative learning, employee engagement
and social impact.

what we do

Remarkable changes in technology and the workforce have transformed how companies and communities develop and interact. We believe in the tremendous value that meaningful mentoring relationships can unlock for business and society in today's world. That is why we have built the leading digital mentoring platform and consistently measure business and societal impact based on the most advanced scientific reporting standards.

1. Become a mentor

Employee by day,
Mentor by need

To us, our mentors are superheroes! As a mentor, you share your knowledge and professional experience to support others and help them succeed.

You can make a real impact on other people‘s lives and help them kick-start their career. Whether it's supporting the new generation in your own organization, or helping community members to start their career - every big change in the world starts with supporting one another.

Check out our portfolio of online mentoring programs to find your opportunity and be a part of the change in someone's life.

2. Choose a program

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That's you!

“I want to become a leader
in my field”


That's you!

“I want to find my
career path.”

That's you!

“I want to get insights into
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3. How it works

only a few
steps to

get started

1. Registration

Your employer invites you to join our programs. You choose the cause that matters to you. Registration is easy and only takes 5 minutes of your time.

2. Training

You enter our self-directed training center or live webinars to learn about digital mentoring methods, the usage of our software, our content libraries, and other processes.
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3. Matching

We match you with a mentee based on your availability and professional as well as personal profile. Our matching algorithm has a 99% satisfaction rate.

4. Sessions

You meet your mentee in our virtual classrooms. You are connected via browser-based video-chat and use our learning tools and content libraries to complete your sessions.

4. Learning Experience

grow as
a mentor


You won‘t only learn how to become a better mentor, but you'll also grow as a person.  Our programs will make you digitally fluent: You will learn how to build meaningful relationships online, put eLearning material to good use, and e-connect with people from all over the globe with different cultural and social backgrounds; an end-to-end training of your digital communication skills.

Our corporate mentoring communities enable you to share your individual mentoring story and network with fellow mentors. You can invite colleagues, write blogs and strengthen your reputation as a modern and digitally engaged leader.

Every journey is different,
but do not take our word for it!

“Mentoring for me means being there for another person: with my experience, my encouragement and an open mind and heart. I have been lucky myself to have received the above from coaches and mentors at crucial moments in my life. I would like to give it back now.”
Julia Juergens,
Head of Leadership Development at Metro AG Germany
"My experience tells me mentors are not givers, they are receivers as well. I must say I gain more than I offer."
Liza Ding,
Head of Marketing & Communications at Deutsche Bank Hong Kong
„My mentee and I built up a deep personal relationship – I feel connected to her and we are genuinely interested in and cheering for the other’s happiness and success in life.“
Nica Huestegge,
Senior Project Manager at Capgemini Germany
“Online mentoring gives you the opportunity to have regular meetings and interactions with a mentee in a different country and setting, but with the personal relationship of seeing one another’s facial expressions and reactions.
It’s a great advertisement of modern technology and the opportunity to build bridges across locations and experiences.”
Elizabeth French,
Programme Manager at Deutsche Bank UK