Your digital toolkit
Our proprietary mentoring software takes care of everything in one place - from matching and highly automated management of mentors and mentees to the actual delivery of mentoring sessions based on state-of-the-art eLearning standards.
Mentoring Software

Our digital mentoring software enables
everyone to be become a digital mentor

Our software allows all of our users to focus on what's most important: The development of learning-oriented mentoring relationships. Our in-house developed architecture allows for seamless mentoring administration, communication and operations built upon years of
practical experience.

1. Virtual Classroom
2. Reporting
3. Matching
1. Preparatory training centers
Preparation is key to a successful mentoring relationship. Our self-directed training center enables our participants to prepare for their mentoring to the best of availability. Our training library features eLearning modules consisting of short videos, real-life field reports, expert input, and short knowledge tests. Topics vary in line with our program portfolio and include matters like mentoring methods, digital communication, and empowerment strategies. 
2. Participant matching
Our matching algorithm connects participants based on their professional and personal profile. Organizations can further enter criteria relevant to their recruitment needs enabling companies to identify potential hires or internal future leaders. Our innovative picture-based questioning approach guarantees a rich user experience while overcoming potential language barriers. 
3. Smart communication
Communication between the mentoring sessions is key to strengthening the participants' relationships and commitments. Our smart communication applications, as well as our easy-to-use self service portal, guides our participants along their mentoring journey. All automized reminder- and alert functions can be pushed via email, text message or WhatsApp depending on the participants' preferences. Our software is available in German, English and Spanish. More languages are coming soon.
4. Virtual classrooms
The heart of our software is our digital classrooms. Embedded mentoring scripts, videos, audio-files, quizzes and case-studies support the participants along their collaborative learning journey. Clickable content, shared browsing and whiteboard features, translation tools and self- content uploads provide room for needs-based and personal experience sharing. 
5. Community portal
Our community portal is an easy-to-use and effective communication platform. The portal offers a central location to ask questions, share ideas, and network with peers and experts. It allows mentors to invite colleagues to the programs, schedule internal meet-ups and to upload their own material.
6. Activity management
Our activity management suite allows your organization to self-service your mentoring activities. From inviting mentors and beneficiaries to registration, uploading your own content, to live-servicing all participants – you decide the role that you want to take on. Our train-the-trainer support will make sure you are all set!
7. Admin cockpit
The activity tracker enables you to keep track of progress and performance with easy-to-use web-based reports. View consolidated, detailed information on the programs' development and performance. Reported data includes: 

• Profile overviews
• Mentoring hours
• Course progress
• Course completion
• Activity scores 
• License expiry dates 
• Session ratings
• Skill development 


Volunteer Vision has a strong focus on data privacy following the strict European Data Protection Regulation. Therefore we provide a comprehensive data privacy concept to create full transparency and to meet the requirements of our clients from financial services to NGOs around the globe.

The Volunteer Vision software, as well as the data centres, were set up with a special focus on security from the beginning. Our security system is based on three pillars. First, we transfer all clients information encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and a highly secure encryption key (2.048bit). Second, our data centers are located in Germany at one the largest and most secure German Hosting Providers: T-Systems (part of Deutsche Telekom). The data centres are ISO 27018 certified. Third, we follow industry standards in firewall protection and database security to keep your data safe.

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