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From diversity recruitment to holistic onboarding, learning & development to structured transition support - there are many use cases for digital mentoring in HR. With our online mentoring software, you can bundle a wide variety of workstreams into one digital toolkit while adding an inclusive dimension.
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Our mentoring content qualifies external talents, develops employees in a targeted manner and creates an agile corporate culture. In times of increasing digitalization of HR processes, our mentoring software offers an adaptive and scalable one-stop-shop solution.
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DIVERSITY Recruitment

With our diversity recruitment mentoring modules, we aim to reduce barriers, make hiring processes more inclusive, and strengthen the employer brand. In the mentoring sessions, your employees are connected with suitable talents from partner universities or other institutions who are currently looking for a job and are interested in your company as a potential employer. A mentorship allows you to get to know each other, introduce them to your industry and ideally prepare them for a potential job application. This gives you, as a company, the chance to get to know potential applicants even better and to make well considered recruitment decisions.

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Onboarding support

Onboarding mentoring enables new employees to quickly learn about the company culture, internalize the DE&I values and support their new employers’ measures as well as talk about their role, expectations and goals. This ensures a smooth, structured arrival that makes employees feel accepted and understood. Our onboarding modules can be flexibly adapted to existing content and your typical onboarding duration.

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Professional development

Our mentoring programs for targeted professional development support companies in developing employees of all or selected diversity groups in a targeted manner, increasing retention rates and avoiding the loss of valuable staff. In our mentoring sessions, mentor and mentee connect in order to share knowledge effectively, talk about developing new professional perspectives, agile ways of working, and how to deal with conflict situations. At the same time, all participants are being sensitized to the diversity of talent and inclusion in practice.

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Leadership development

We help you connect aspiring talents from all or selected diversity groups with experienced leaders from your organization to strengthen your current and future leaders. Together, these mentoring tandems address topics such as negotiation strategies, value-based leadership styles, team leadership, self-branding, networking and intercultural communication. At the same time, all participants are being sensitized to the diversity of talent and active inclusion.

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In this step, we distinguish between two target groups:
In our mentoring track for parents, fathers and mothers are connected with an experienced parent from their company before, during and after their parental leave and jointly address topics such as handover methods, work models, childcare and future professional positioning. In the course of the sessions, both also develop an individual strategy for returning to work.
Our transition mentoring supports employees who change departments or teams in handing over tasks as well as transitioning into a new professional stage.

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The psychological wellbeing of employees is not a purely private matter - companies also bear responsibility. In addition to building a sustainable, appreciative relationship between mentor and mentee, strengthening personal resilience is at the heart of our mentoring. Positive attribution and the knowledge of one's own self-efficacy make it easier to deal with critical situations and thus ensure greater satisfaction in the workplace. 

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We combine software, customizable e-learning materials and precise reporting.
Intuitive platform: A clear user journey guides you and your employees through our browser-based mentoring platform.
Matching through AI algorithm: Mentor and mentee are matched with each other based on their professional and personal profiles.
Digital classroom: Mentoring sessions take place on our platform. Mentor and mentee are connected via video chat and learn using interactive and structured e-learning materials.
User management: A reporting dashboard provides you with information on registered employees, mentoring progress, user satisfaction and skills development.
GDPR compliant: We work according to the highest data protection standards. Our data centers are located in Germany and are certified according to ISO 27018.
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Our comprehensive additional services minimize your internal efforts - and maximize mentoring success.
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User recruiting
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In order to identify employees interested in a mentorship, we support you with suitable documents: individual call-to-actions can be integrated in the intranet or in the company newsletter. We also mediate suitable participants from our partner NGOs.

Impact Studies
Impact studies
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Impact measurement is one of our core competencies. We measure attitudinal and behavioral changes as well as skill growth in mentors and mentees to make the effectiveness of mentoring visible. You can determine further KPIs at any time.

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Enquiries from mentors and mentees are coordinated via a ticket system and answered by our service team within 24 hours. Corporate clients also have access to a multilingual call center.

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impact and benefits of HR MENTORING

Online mentoring is a guarantee for successful, better trained and more satisfied employees.

higher promotion rates of minorities in companies.


higher retention rates for mentees and 69% for mentors - compared to 49% for non-participating employees.


higher probability of receiving a salary increase.


What our clients say about Volunteer Vision's digital mentoring.
“Mentoring for me means being there for another person: with my experience, my encouragement and an open mind and heart. I have been lucky myself to have received the above from coaches and mentors at crucial moments in my life. I would like to give it back now.”
Julia Juergens,
Head of Leadership Development at Metro AG Germany
"My experience tells me mentors are not givers, they are receivers as well. I must say I gain more than I offer."
Liza Ding,
Head of Marketing & Communications at Deutsche Bank Hong Kong
"My mentee and I built up a deep personal relationship – I feel connected to her and we are genuinely interested in and cheering for the other’s happiness and success in life.“
Nica Huestegge,
Senior Project Manager at Capgemini Germany
“Online mentoring gives you the opportunity to have regular meetings and interactions with a mentee in a different country and setting, but with the personal relationship of seeing one another’s facial expressions and reactions.
It’s a great advertisement of modern technology and the opportunity to build bridges across locations and experiences.”
Elizabeth French,
Programme Manager at Deutsche Bank UK

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Watch the demo video to get an insight into the key features of our mentoring platform.
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