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Our mentoring content provides companies with a tool to support people of all diversity groups throughout their entire professional career. Our goal is to support people with our mentoring modules, from their initital training, throughout job orientation, to their career development.

why do we use content for mentoring?

Evaluations of mentoring programs always have one thing in common: the success of mentoring is highly dependent on the suitability, time and experience of the mentors. For mentees, this is also a gamble. With our content, we empower all employees - regardless of their previous experience - to build structured and learning-orientated mentoring relationships, thus creating a high-quality experience for our mentees.

Our content supports our users in two important phases: during their preparation (mentor training) as well as in the 1:1 sessions in our digital classroom (live mentoring).
Live Mentoring
A screen representing our live mentoring content, where users connect via video chat.

While mentor and mentee are connected via video chat on our platform, they are guided through their session using structured mentoring content.

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Mentor Training
A screen representing our mentor training content, where users get sensitized for DE&I issues.

In our Training Center, users can get certified as Mentoring and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion experts, in preparation for our Live Mentoring or independently.

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For our live mentoring, mentor and mentee meet in our digital classroom. Each live mentoring module consists of various e-learning materials such as case studies, videos, quizzes and tests. All modules are designed to last one hour each and are available in German and English. Click on the dots in our Employability Journey to find module examples for each career stage.

Educational success

Module examples:

  • Learning motivation
  • Learning organization
  • Learning strategies
  • University applications
  • Online learning

Job orientation

Module examples:

  • Recognize potentials and strengths
  • Feedback techniques
  • Work experience and goals

Application training

Module examples:

  • Goal setting
  • Writing a CV
  • How to write a cover letter
  • The job interview
  • Special features of digital applications

Job preparation

Module examples:

  • Verbal and non-verbal
  • Communication within the team
    and with superiors
  • Setting goals with the SMART method

Diversity recruitment

Module examples:

  • Unconcious Bias
  • Goal setting
  • Application training

Onboarding support

Module examples:

  • Mastering transformations
  • Expectations and goals
  • Internal support options

Professional development

Module examples:

  • Presentation skills
  • Successful meetings
  • Mastering conflict situations
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Working models

Leadership development

Module examples:

  • Personal impact and networking
  • Working in teams
  • Authentic leadership
  • Successful negotiations

Transition support

Module examples:

  • Handover planning
  • Mastering conflict situations
  • Planning the re-entry
  • Networking during career breaks

Employee wellbeing

Module examples:

  • Building resilience
  • Positive attribution
  • Self-efficacy
  • Mastering conflict situations


We offer over 70 live mentoring modules, developed in collaboration with Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Deloitte and other conceptualizers.
1. You choose the content that is relevant to your employees and your goals
From our content portfolio, you select the modules that best suit you and your target group - or you use one of our proven mentoring tracks that suggest a specific module sequence. In this way, our content can be put together individually.
2. Your employees put together their own
mentoring track

From the modules you select, your employees can put together their own learning journey with their mentee and adapt it to their needs.
Our learning track shows how you can combine different mentoring modules.


Our content experts create your individual mentoring content and thus enable flexible adaptation
to your needs and your target group.
Adaptation and creation of new content
Our existing materials can be adapted to your goals - from adding individual materials to setting up completely new modules and mentoring tracks, everything is possible.
Digitization of your own content
You already have your own learning content that you want to make accessible to a larger number of employees in a digital mentoring program? We support you in preparing and adapting your content and develop suitable mentoring modules from it.


The first video of our Online Training Center.
Our Training Center is a digital academy for the targeted development of mentors. It is available to all our users and serves to prepare them for their 1:1 live mentoring. It can also be booked independently of live mentoring and used as an easily accessible offer for the further development of employees.

The Training Center is directly integrated into our platform and consists of training videos, quizzes and tests that ensure users are actively participating and have understood the concepts. We measure quantitative KPIs as well as attitude and behavioral changes, ensuring precise reporting. Upon completion of the training, all our users will be certified.
Mentor Skills Training

Our goal is to enable our users to have a successful mentoring experience. The best possible preparation is an essential foundation to be able to support the mentoring partner and build a respectful and trusting relationship.

Content: The latest methods and concepts from the field of mentoring and coaching.
Topic examples: Active listening, questioning techniques, joint goal setting
Goal: Empower our mentors to experience a successful mentorship and support their mentee.
Inclusivity Skills Training

Far beyond the scope of their mentorship, we also want to enable mentors to develop an inclusive mindset. Employees and managers who think and act inclusively are the foundation for real diversity in companies.

Content: Concepts from the DE&I sector that enable exchange on diversity.
Topic examples: Anti-racism, Microaggressions, Unconscious Bias, Intersectionality, Inclusive Language
Goal: Enable employees to engage with, support and value diversity issues.

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