Remote Leadership – How to stay on Track for Gender Equality

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The world upside down: How to ensure female leadership development

2020 has been a difficult year for most of us, and as the first months of the new year have passed, the challenges have not yet faded away. Reports have found that during this pandemic, women were significantly more harmed by the effects of lockdowns closing businesses, schools, and services. This damage is estimated to reverse much of the progress achieved in gender equality over the past 10 years, fuelling the need for innovative solutions for long-established challenges.

2020 was also the year of sudden and forced innovation with regards to technology. With social distancing and remote work, the use of digital technologies has increased immensely, and that almost overnight. And while moving into remote work was certainly not a seamless transition for most, women were impacted the most. Many went from growing their careers to juggling increasing home responsibilities with keeping up their pace at work. Overnight, their roles regressed to what it was like a decade ago.

Women's leadership: How we can move forward

And while 2020 was a year of unpredictability and constant adjustment, we need to make sure that 2021 will be the year of flexible support, empowerment and development strategies that go beyond the current crisis. Therefore, high impact measures such as mentoring are perfectly suited to take on this challenge. At Volunteer Vision, we have long understood that digital connections supported by a structured mentoring can be just as impactful as face-to-face relationships, or even more.

Based on our expertise in digital mentoring and the developments of 2020, we have created new mentoring programs that focus on empowering women with leadership ambitions to adapt to leading remote teams or on mothers looking to continue their leadership career track while balancing their home and work life. The goal is to empower women in the workforce to take matters into their own hands and redefine their path for the upcoming year.

The newfound universal acceptance of digital tools for human connection creates a suitable time to implement or scale digital mentoring within your organization and make sure that your female talent has the chance to reach their goals this year.

If you are interested in our custom mentor mentee programs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Feel free to schedule a call here.

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